Are you interested in Budapest, but you don’t have any idea about the best programs, accommodations, or restaurants? Do not worry! We have made a best of collection for you.

On the waves of the River Danube

Would you like to admire the sights of the Hungarian capital city? Do you prefer exclusive solutions? Choose a cruise on the River Danube! Tour-guiding is usually available in more languages. Most of the river tours offer some special programs besides sightseeing. If you like music, you can enjoy live operetta or piano show, or a traditional Hungarian folk show with music and dance. Have you always wanted to try what a big party can be like on the board of a luxury boat or a yacht? You can get this experience easily. During some special cruises, you can feel yourself at a glamorous party, while tasting delicious cocktails. Do you think that sailing on the River Danube under the stellated sky is romantic? Let’s book a night cruise! The night lights of Budapest are unforgettable. You can order an individual ticket, of course, but you can also surprise your partner or family with this adventure. Moreover, most of these cruises are suitable for even official meetings or events of companies, too.

City tours in Budapest

Would you choose the land instead of the waves? Let’s travel by bus! You can watch the best-known buildings and other monuments of the capital city on the board of a tourist bus; these trips usually last one or half and one hour. If you are longing for a very special adventure, choose Aeropark! The bus in the park will transport you through the most interesting parts of Budapest Airport.

However, you can also book walking tours in Budapest. On the one hand, it may be a little bit tiring, but on the other hand, you won’t be getting angry in a traffic jam. Professional tour operators will show you both the most famous and the less-known sights. You can visit the Buda Castle, the House of Parliament, ‘Vajdahunyad’ Castle, or the neo-gothic Mátyás Church or other churches. Apart from the historical values, some tours show the treasures of nature, too. For example, you can book a tour at the Danube Bend, which is one of the most amazing Hungarian landscapes. Moreover, there are some special ones, e.g. a photo tour. Besides the top sights, you can visit the hidden wonders of the city, and, of course, take some great photos with the help of an excellent photographer.

Do you prefer active ways of spending your free time, but you don’t have too much money? We recommend some free tours! For everyone who loves the architecture, tours of the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK) are perfect choices! They are thematic tours; e.g. you can get to know buildings which represent the Art Nouveau style or others which were built in modern style. The wildlife park in Margaret Island is also free. It is not too big, but the horses, birds, rabbits, and other animals like that live there in a really pleasant environment.

Museums and Tours of Budapest

Museums of Budapest offer several values from many areas of the culture. Do not miss the Museum of Fine Arts! It has been recently renovated, and nowadays the most popular exhibitions are the ancient one and the “Leonardo and the bronze rider”. If your children are interested in physics, let’s go to the Palace of Wonders! Here youngsters can learn a lot in a very exciting, interactive way. In the Natural History Museum, you can admire many items of the flora and fauna not only from the Carpathian Basin but also from the whole world, e.g. you can admire the marvelous world of atolls. Moreover, you can see fossils of extinct animals, too. Among the temporary exhibitions, you can see the photos of the “Nature photographer of 2018” (until January 27th). The buildings of the Budapest Historical Museum are must-have programs for history-fans! They exhibit the memories of the history of the capital city. Naturally, the most famous exhibition is in the Buda Castle, but the Villa Hercules or the ruins of Aquincum are also interesting (both of them are from the ancient ages of Rome). The Petőfi Literature Museum is a little palace for the literature, which gives lots of information in a nice milieu and in an interactive way.

Have you ever heard about Segway

This imaginative device is a two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transporter, which provides one of the best ways of sightseeing! If you rent a Segway, you can visit the most wonderful parts of the city with a professional tour operator. However, traveling on this machine is an unforgettable adventure itself! It may seem to be a little bit scary at first, but do not afraid, if you comply with the rules, it is not dangerous (and you will get a helmet, too). You can control it with your body - and with the help of little computers, accumulators and motors. If any of them gets wrong, the others can replace its functions! You can visit the inner city, the Gellért Mountain, the Margit Island, the Buda Castle, the Jewish Heritage, the Zoo, or the Heros’ Square. However, you can choose any combination of them, or ask an individual offer. At some places, you can also have special requirements e.g. kiddy chart for small children or special device for disabled guests.

Accommodation & food

Let us tell some words about accommodations! In Budapest, there are some luxury hotels, e.g. Corinthia or InterContinental, where rooms are really elegant, the food is perfect, and there are room service more times a day. They are suitable for exclusive events, balls, but they can also be perfect sites for celebrating a special family holiday or anniversary. If you would like to stay in a cozy place, but you do not want to spend too much many on the accommodation, we recommend Omega Guesthouse or Flow Hostel. Would you like to spend some relaxing days at a wellness hotel? The choice is copious, e.g. Rubin, or Bliss Hotel. They usually provide a wellness park, sauna, massage, outside and inner pools, and even fitness facilities, too.

If you want to eat out, we can recommend several possibilities! Naturally, lots of restaurants represent the traditional Hungarian cuisine, e.g. the Goulash Restaurant, where you can try the famous goulash soup or pork tenderloin medallions. Mediterranean cuisine is also popular: you can find lots of pizzerias in Budapest, but there are more traditional restaurants, too, e.g. many tourists love the grilled goose liver or the French onion soup of the Comme Chez Choi. Do you like exotic tastes? Let’s try the cuisine of the fabulous Far East, e.g. the Indigo Restaurant or the Spicy Fish Restaurant. This latter one mainly offers Chinese food, e.g. pasta with shrimp and pork, or seafood with lots of seasons. However, if you are in a hurry, and you want to just have a cup of coffee, you can also choose from many cafés. In the Circus Café&Bar, you can get special coffee or juices, and even breakfast (until 4 p.m.)